May 24, 2021 Forecast First

Weather Forecasts

Rifle, CO set a new low temperature record (29F) on Monday May 24, 2021. Morning low temperatures through Tuesday will continue to run cool, but fairly close to the average for this time of the year. The sky will remain clear through late Tuesday and warmer temperatures are anticipated through this entire week. Wind speeds will be light until the midweek and also in the increase this weekend.

The fly in the ointment is Wednesday when a weak and dry system will be advancing toward our region/passing us to the north. Temperatures will continue to warm, but winds speeds will increase into the 30 mph zone and expect an increase in cloud coverage. Wind speeds will not be as powerful as of late, but the “fly” is the increasing cloud coverage Tuesday night through Wednesday. This may obscure the total lunar eclipse (totality 5:11 am Wednesday) with a partly cloudy outlook. Not ideal for viewing. This is called the Flower Total Eclipse Supermoon for May.

The rest of this week looks warm with high temperatures (not setting records) in the upper 70s/low 80s. The wind speeds and the clouds will increase again for the upcoming long weekend when another system will provide a glancing blow to the northern zones (unless the pattern redirects further south). Dry, warm and breezy with partly cloudy to mostly sunny outlook is the preferred forecast for the long term-through this weekend.

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