GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Looking for record temperatures across a few locations this weekend. Make sure you are prepared for the switch to warmer than average temps by hydrating and protecting your skin.

Not to be left out, the morning temperatures will also be under a warming trend. Ten degrees is a good bet for many locations… that’s ten degrees warmer than the seasonal average lows. The afternoon high temperatures will be running 10°-25° greater than the seasonal averages for late March. Sunday looks like the first opportunity for Grand junction to hit a record. The temperature books have a 77° from 1988. Storm Team forecast is going warmer. Regardless, this weekend will be the warmest portion of your forecast. In fact, a lot of what you may be feeling outside is usually felt in May.

Enjoy this stretch of mild weather. Clouds will start to fill the sky by the late weekend/start of next week. Wind speeds will also start to breeze up a bit in response to an advancing system for Tuesday. This is our next shot at getting rain ‘into the bucket at the airport”. Rain deficits are pushing beyond the half inch category and the next two storm chances (March 29/30 and again April 3) may not put a big dent into that shortfall. Temperatures will lower as these two systems swing through, but it’s safe to plan your garden as the lows only appear to dip briefly behind these storms and not into a frigid category.