Thursday November 18, 2021 Forecast First

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Increasing cloud coverage ahead of another weak storm system will (put light snow in some mountain zones) PREVENT ideal viewing of a lengthy near total lunar eclipse.

Astronomers are calling this near total lunar eclipse a “once in a lifetime opportunity” because it is such a lengthy eclipse. The partial eclipse will last 104 minutes from the starting point at 12:18 am Friday November 19, with the maximum eclipse at 2:02 am concluding with the end of the partial eclipse at 3:37 am. The last time a partial eclipse occurred of great length was in 1440 AD and the next time a lengthy partial eclipse occurs will be in 2669. Once in your lifetime! Earth will begin casting its shadow during the penumbra phase at 11:02 pm Thursday November 18, 2021 and will conclude at 5:03 am. Cloud coverage is expected to exceed 90% during the entire celestial process. Lowell Observatory should be airing this on their YouTube channel.

The increasing clouds creating the bust for this event is due to another approaching storm system. The southern edge of this system will eventually drag through Saturday as a cold front. Ahead of it’s arrival there is the expectation of northern mountain snow. This should just be a light amount of snowfall and no Winter Weather Advisories or Warnings are expected. Travel will be winter mode for the northern mountains Friday. The cold front is expected to pass late Saturday afternoon and will create more opportunities for snow in the northern AND the central mountain zones. More travel impacts to I-70 travel along with mountain passes/state highways are anticipated. through early Sunday. The lower elevations will be mild and dry with a partly cloudy sky. There is now a decent indication that travelers a day ahead of Thanksgiving should expect unsettled mountain conditions. Please plan accordingly. At this point it appears the ingredients for a Thanksgiving storm are starting to fall into place. Stay tuned for more information.

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