GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The wind machine will be ramping up again Thursday and Friday ahead of our next/more impactful spring storm.

The end of this work week will (again) have Red Flag Warnings for the Western Slope. Add the element of the very dry conditions in place (GJ has a rain deficit approaching 1.25″) and any ignition source will likely start a wildfire. The overreaching message, please don’t be the human ignition source for wildfires. Be careful with hot engines parked over dry grasses, using machinery that sparks, errant cigarette butts or any action that could elicit a spark. The wind machine for the second half of this workweek will be another PACNW storm that will track across the region Friday. Ahead of this more potent storm will be the increasing southwest flow. This wind direction/origination will allow for warmer temperatures Thursday and strong wind speeds. As a result, Thursday will be another Red Flag Warning day for the Western Slope and Friday will likely have the same RFW.

There is an associated cold front moving through the area Friday midday, so temperatures to start the day will be mild/warm compared to the temperatures that finish the day. Stronger wind speeds are expected with the frontal passage and since there is a much better shot at isolated showers and thunderstorms… gusty outflow winds are also anticipated Friday evening with these rowdy storms. Mountain snow will be falling from Friday evening through late Saturday/early Sunday. Most if not all of the mountain zones will pick up new snow and the snow fall looks like a broad 5″-15″. Travel through the mountain corridors will be in winter mode, drive safe. Saturday afternoon and evening will be another opportunity for rain showers and gusty wind speeds to initiate. Cooler temperatures will also be rampant Saturday and Sunday morning as this system kicks eastward late Sunday.