Wednesday August 5, 2020


Day 14 for Grand Junction at/above 100°. Is it possible today?

The all time record for Grand Junction at or above 100° is 22 days (not consecutive). We will try to add that this afternoon with our temperatures still running between 5-10 degrees hotter than what is typical for this time of the year. The relief is actually felt during the early morning hours (briefly because it is still near 80° at 4 am!).

The weather maker responsible for these conditions will be the high pressure system anchored over the Desert Southwest through the midweek forecast. That will mean hotter temperatures and minimal rain showers through the middle of next week. The minimal rain chance is subject to scrutiny because late afternoon mountain, mesa and plateau storms are expected nearly every day. The hazards with this type of storm is lightning and gusty wind speeds. Late this week, temperatures are expected to lower and rain chances for more areas should increase.

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