The strongest wind speeds and the warmest temperatures on the Western Slope were achieved just after midnight as the cold front blasted through the region.

Those were the more impactful elements as the rain and the snow chances never fully developed for the lower elevations. Now as this same storm system chugs eastbound through the central time zone, our weather is focused on a light breeze and cold temperatures.

Our next weather maker will be a very weak system passing by the northern half of Colorado. The north and the central mountain zones will pick up some new snow with this system Thursday and Friday and this could be enough to hit a Winter Weather Advisory (3-5″ of snow in 12 hours and windy). Montrose and Grand Junction are looking at a slight chance/below 20% of seeing snow showers Thursday night. The wind speeds are not expected to be as strong as this recent event with a 20-30 mph top gust expectation. This late week system will primarily be a cold temperature reinforcement and the weekend will have colder lows/highs as a result. Dry conditions will also remain in place for the weekend and into the Winter Solstice. The next storm opportunity develops around December 23rd – 25th.